10 maart 2013

Who's a taoist?

"My master, mr. Kwan, gave two kinds of talks and we, his students, could never tell which one it would be.

We nicknamed the first kind of talk 'nobody's a taoist', because for him, no one had the insight, discipline, or talent to become one of the great masters. They were like distant stars, even for mr. Kwan.

The second kind of talk, which he asserted with equal vehemence, was 'everybody's a taoist'. Everyone was human, Tao flowed through every person, no person was better than any other, and every person had insight into his or her own life.

When he started to talk about what a taoist was, we'd look askance at each other and hide our snirks at the 'nobody's a taoist/everybody's a taoist' talk that was coming.

Yes, nobody can be the classical taoist, but everybody who lives honestly is a taoist."

- Deng Min Dao, auteur van verschillende boeken met daoïstische inslag.

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